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Transaction Advisory

Capital, Global Market Entry, Costs, Growth

Welcome to RiverForest

RiverForest North American India Business Corridor - Connecting Small and Medium Organizations to High Growth and Cost Optimized Business Opportunities 

"The companies that survive longest are the one's that work out what they uniquely can give to the world—not just growth or money but their excellence, their respect for others, or their ability to make people happy. Some call those things a soul.“

- Charles Handy

Capital, Global Market Entry Strategies, Growth, Costs


Connecting Your Dreams with Goals, Targets, and Competencies.

Executive Venture Capital

Connecting Business Owners to Capital

Businesses are Built by Business Leaders

Building Business Leaders who Build Businesses

Experiential and individualized leader development process that builds a leader’s capability to identify and build businesses and achieve short- and long-term personal and organizational goals

Make Money Work for Returns

Networking Promoters and Business Owners to Specialists for Coaching and Mentoring

Acting as Members of the Board, Due Diligence Team and Best Practices Counsel

Be Like DAN

Independent Cost Optimization through Schooley Mitchell specialization in Telecom, Merchant Services, Waste Management, Small Package Shipping and Courier Services

Conducted through one-on-one and/or group interactions, market facilitation, opportunities identification processes, driven by data from multiple perspectives

Based on mutual trust, openness, authenticity, congruence, and respect.


Dedicated to All Business Owners

RiverForest Group - Transaction Advisory for Capital, Growth, and Cost Management

Case Studies


Partner Strategy Need for Bio Tech Firm

  • Opportunity to find a global Partner to share manufacturing capabilities with pre approved FDI and other country regulatory approvals
  • Strategy to help scale manufacturing capabilities to help distribute products on a global basis.
  • Establish a global company through Partner Search, incorporation, identify funding opportunities if required, people structures, remote management etc.

Clean Energy Leader for Global Business Growth

  • Translation of the business strategy plan into a global growth strategy and action planning framework
  • Articulating a Culture for an Aligned Vision
  • Establish and Translate strategy into goals, objectives, plans, targets, revenues and reach
  • Cascade the strategic imperatives through product market financial perspectives
  • Define and execute an Implementation Plan

Connecting is Our Story

Who uses Business Connections

The global investment management industry 2015 was worth an estimated $79 trillion in assets under management, as measured by a PricewaterhouseCoopers report in 2017. In corporate finance, investment management includes ensuring a company's tangible and intangible assets are maintained, accounted for and well-utilized. Meanwhile, investment management can also include financial advising provided by an advisor, who coordinates and oversees a client's portfolio as per investment management.

"For All Those Who Believe There is Something More To Do Globally"

Identify Strategy - Identify Opportunity - Manage Risk - Manage Process - Technology - Deliver Outcomes

We Connect you

"RiverForest North American India Corridor" 

focuses on bringing business opportunities to clients in US and Canada for ventures in India - SME Incorporation, Product Launches, Business Process Outsourcing, Contract Manufacturing, New Businesses Establishment, JV, Technical Ventures, Investments etc.

Similarly for Indian Investors/Entrepreneurs seeking to establish a Business Venture in USA or Canada and consequently migrate.


Establish a Business in a New Country

Connect you with Business Networks critical for your success

Facilitate your transition to understand and manage

Be with you as long as it takes

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

- John F. Kennedy

We believe Coaching  Connections is Mutual Learning - An opportunity to discuss and build a solution

Learning to Be a Global Entrepreneur

Every aspect of human behavior is responsive to learning experiences, knowledge, language, and skills, in addition to attitudes, value systems and personality characteristics. Learning is an extremely important psychological process. Learning is a process toward seeking a permanent change in behavior that results from reinforced practice, training or experience.

Pursuit of a Dream

HBS's Howard Stevenson said, "Global Entrepreneurship is the relentless pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled." Harvard's Nancy Koehn, "When we teach students about the entrepreneurial journey—which can apply to a manager at a small company or in a large, established organization—we say that entrepreneurs are made, not born and that entrepreneurship is a way of managing, not necessarily a way of being as a person. Any of us can be an entrepreneur".

Innovation Cycle

Ram Charan, "Dow Chemical found that aggressively hiring entrepreneurial millennials was the fastest way to create more “short-cycle innovation” alongside the company’s traditional long-cycle R&D processes. The share of employees under age 30 went from 9% in 2004 to 15% in 2014. To benefit from this new talent, the company also revamped its career paths to move the 20- and 30-somethings into bigger jobs relatively quickly, and it invited them to global leadership meetings relatively early".

Climbing Mountains Crossing Seas Achieving Vision

Visionary, entrepreneurial companies strive to change the world. They believe that technical genius and product innovation are the root source of success — that the money will follow. At the core of many high-tech startups is an idealistic, passionate founder, a technical genius with an innovative product idea that can offer a capability previously unavailable, even unimagined. If the idea is accepted by the market, early adopters will beat a path to the startup’s door and will pay high prices to get access to the capability. 

Paul J. Kampas in Sloan Management Review.

Case Studies


Leading Education Player Global Franchise Development

  • Client keen to establish an international franchise in a developing country with a local business school relationship with an emphasis on maximizing brand value
  • Strategic emphasis to specialize in business and executive education programs and to eventually scale to full time diploma and degree offering programs
  • Establish a focused strategy for attracting and retaining students and corporate training, learning and executive education mandates..

Market Leading Financial Services Firm

  • Objective was to design an ESOP scheme to align compensation strategy with future business growth strategy and effectively retain employees
  • Developed a statistically valid methodology to allot ESOPs to various employee segments based on their performance rankings, attrition issues and market benchmarks for their salary
  • The new scheme was tax effective and complied with regulatory requirements

Our Role in Your Geographical Ventures

Law Firm - Work with our Consortium Partner Law Firm who will handle global market entry options.

Company Formation - Facilitate entry strategies through company formation, name approvals, portals, website creation, regulatory guidance, aligning with local networks, connections and building an organization

Entry Strategy Consultation - Provide detailed reports on Country Economic Indicators, Sector Growth Factors, Investment Opportunities, Location Search, Partner Search, Competitive Landscape, Business and revenue Models, strategic- operating plan for a 3-year period, Cost and Expense Overview, Cost and Expense management, Organization and Management, Performance Metrics, Structure, People, Roles and Recruiting, and not to forget Culture and People Dynamics to lead a business successfully

Vision Radar - Through Business Coaching Programs help client articulate their New Country Start up vision, purpose, SWOPT and Plan leadership role, cultural adaptation, Pre-investment Visits

Audit, Governance, Compliance and Plan Programs - - Partner with an Accounting Firm to help you draw their Business Plan, Budgets, Tax Plans, Transfer Pricing, Commercial Audits, Inter Country Tax Management

Business Identity - Help client identify appropriate Business, Franchise, Biz to Buy, Deal Networks, or Small/medium Entrepreneurial Opportunities, Execution Plans

Financials - Merchant Banking Activities, Partner Search, Venture funding, financial or funding requirements, banks and lenders to supplement clients Investment, cross-border remittance

Align Networks - Offer client a customized suite of networks, agents, consortium contacts, references, solutions, options to buy/lease office / commercial space, home, obtain a mortgage, technology enablers, personal and family relocation through best of breed organizations

Adaptation Processes - Client's success depends on their adaptability - Through Cross Culture Assimilation Workshops, Management of Bureaucracy, Ethics, Settling in Process.

Recruitment Support - Provide a complete suite for Talent Management. Where permitted by VISA help facilitate JOB Search and JOB Market Orientation, based on skills, and competencies.

Remote Management - Help manage client's entrepreneurial organization through appointment of leadership staff and technical professionals, Manage Boards

Obtaining Stake - Our firm would INVEST.

All of above Phases/Stages would include either advisory and/or implementation

Case Studies

Cascading Business Performance

Consumer Product Company

Opportunity to Introduce a Performance Management Program focusing on building strategic focus at the business - product geographic level, financial prudence, compliance and care, core competencies, people capabilities, tech skills, scaling high performance people profiles, role based learning and a cost optimized culture. 

Global Leader in Mining and Metals

Opportunity to Build a Strategic Business Balanced Scorecard. 

Strategy on a Page

Strategy Articulation Map

Critical Value Drivers

KPIs and Metrics

Strategic Reviews

Integrating with Business Plan

RiverForest Group - Transaction Advisory

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