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RiverForest Group

RiverForest Group. has grown from a budding consultancy, to an organization which offers comprehensive solutions to our clients in the form of New Business Advisory, Entry Strategies into India, USA and Canada, Entrepreneur/Investor Based Immigration Counseling through a Big 4, RPO.

Executive Search, Contingent Recruiting

Private and New Ventures

Second Career Planning for Mature Workforce

Name of Person

Name of Person

Name of Person

Name of Person

Name of Person

Guaranteed Cost Savings in one of the Overheads Line - Telecom, Shipping, Merchant Services, Waste Management, SaaS, CaaS, E Signature, Staffing, ELDs,... 

Application Tracking, HRIS

16 PPST, CPT, VBAPP, SPT, OGSPT, Values Inventory, PSI, Hire Smart, Hire Sharp, Leadership Capability Profiling, Capability Smart

Mumbai, MH India based Staff. Clients in US, Canada. Resume' search in India and candidate coordination from India/US/Canada. Team size of about 100

Business Store

Competency, Culture, Change, Human Resources

Assessment, Development, Leadership Potential Evaluations, 360 Degree Feedback

In Basket, Contingent, Psycho Drama, OBT, Leadership, Competency, Assessment and Development Simulations

Case Studies, Group Exercises, Team Building, Leadership 

Aptitude, Personality, Capability, Performance, Potential, Values, Culture and Job Fit

RiverForest - The Firm

Advisory Channels Inc. - Small - Medium Businesses Capability Building Advisory, Private Equity/Venture Capital Advisory <- KPMG /Andersen Business Consulting - Global Partner & Country Head - KPMG LLP - Management Consulting (People & Change Advisory).



RiverForest Connections Inc. - 1992 - Executive Search, Contingent Recruiting Firm for Banking, Financial Services, Technology, Shared Services & Corporate Roles. Three country focus India (Mumbai, MH) - US (Sarasota, FL) - Canadá (Toronto, ON) with a fully integrated team of about 100 including Recruiters, Staffers, Operations, Business Development Agents. Back Office Search Team based in Mumbai - other parts of India.


RiverForest Foundation, Toronto, ON - 2018 - A NOT FOR PROFIT institution focusing on INCOME for Disrupted Mature Seniors - Workforce

Schooley Mitchell, Toronto, ON - 2018 - Specializing in Cost Audits & assured Savings (Revenues Earned Through Schooley Mitchell Investment by RiverForest is NOT - FOR - PROFIT - Capability Building for Mature Restructured Workforce & their Employment Skills.


Psychometric Testing Canadá Inc. - 2003 - Assessments & Psychometric Testing, Behavioral Modification, Hiring, Performance/ Potential Evaluations, Leadership Assessment Simulation Centers. Associated with UnivCanada & KEN Careers. Member of API, US. Three country focus India (Mumbai, MH) - US (Sarasota, FL) - Canadá (Toronto, ON).


Promoted by RiverForest Group 


"RiverForest North American India Business Corridor "

focuses on Connecting Small and Medium Organizations to High Growth Business Opportunities. 

The Equity - Investment Management Company operates with personal investments, equity portfolio, asset harmonization, restructuring, turnaround or partners, alliances, joint ventures or teaming arrangements with a Big 4 firm for Investor Immigration/Business Corridor Work, US Attorneys for Business Formations and Contracts, an NBFC for Country Entry Strategy and several Accounting, Secretarial, Tax, HR and Compliance Organizations to fulfill client needs. 

With a 30 year history and clients in Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Broking, Securities, Credit Rating, IT, Digital Tech, Consulting, Advisory, Manufacturing, Retail, the firm has grown in scale, reputation and quality. Specialized (REFERRAL only) services include Coaching, Mentoring, Investments for New Businesses, Immigration Counseling for Jobs in USA and Canada - post-immigration, Global Education Counseling for USA and Canada, EB5 to USA and references for Immigration to Sammy Medora Immigration Consulting and to Attorneys - Fragomen Canada Inc. for USA and Canada.

Previously known as Skill Search International(1992) for Recruiting, Training Resources Group (TRG)(1993) for Learning programs, HRF International(1997) for Staffing & consulting,

Executive Search, Placements, Campus Management, Hiring, Recruiting, RPO, Temps, HR Advisory, Talent Management  and Staffing is done exclusively only by RiverForest Connections. 

All other businesses are conducted either by Associate Companies, Subsidiaries or Joint Ventures through creation of exclusive products, solutions, services custom made for that company. Each company creates products that are NOT be in conflict with other companies. They are exclusive. 

Go To Market for all companies are only based on exclusive products created by that company for its client/market place. This has helped RiverForest Group to become focused on their products and industries. 

RiverForest Group. has grown from a budding consultancy, to an organization which offers comprehensive solutions to our clients in the form of New Business Advisory, Entry Strategies into India, USA and Canada, Entrepreneur/Investor Based Immigration Counseling through a Big 4, RPO. 

With offices in USA – RiverForest Connections LLC, Sarasota, FL & Toronto, ON, Canada, RiverForest Connections Inc. Toronto, ON, and India, RiverForest Connections Private Limited, Mumbai, Chennai, India, our partners deliver a complete suite of solutions pertaining to HR Talent Management Services.

Customized only for USA and Canadian market, to enhance job opportunities and increase employment levels for mature, seasoned, experienced hires, RiverForest Connections LLC in association with RiverForest Imaginet Technologies Inc. ( A Joint Venture with ImagiNET Ventures Private Limited, Dallas, TX) conducts competency assessments, talent testing, aptitude building, competency gap analysis, skillset profile building, employability.

This solution facilitates mature employees to obtain contemporary jobs in the digital market. 

Some Investments of Business and Commercial Interest (partial) for RiverForest Group include RiverForest Investor Immigration supported by Fragomen Canada Inc., RiiMagine LLC (US),  Schooley Mitchell (NOT FOR PROFIT BUSINESS),  RforC RPO,  Staffing Skills, SkillSearch International, UnivCanada - KENCareer Connections (A JV with KEI Investments), RiverForest Search, RiverForest E Store, RiverForest Connections LLC (US & Canada), Psychometric Testing Canada Inc.  RiverForest Investments in Real Estate etc......

Vertical - 1 - Technology, E Learning, E Education, E Commerce

Vertical 2 - Franchising, Fashion, Real Estate, Retail

Vertical 3 - RPO, Search, Staffing, E HR

Vertical 4 - New Opportunities



Experience includes Global Steercom Leadership - (CITIBANK/ANDERSEN/KPMG LLP), Lead - India - Canada Business Corridor, and venture capital, private equity business interests and investments in Technology, Global Education, Recruiting Process Outsourcing, HR Tech Talent Platforms,  New Business Advisory, Testing, and Digital Tech Advisory. Sectors - BFSI, Retail, Government, Oil & Gas, Mining, Utilities, Energy, Banking, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Life Sciences.

With over 350 articles and publications in journals, magazines and business journals, Dr. Shermon, is now exclusively focusing on nurturing leadership behaviors in venture capitalized and private equity new businesses including new entrepreneurial ventures in US, Canada and India.


Assess Center - 

A Profitable Cost Culture –

Digital People Organization – Disrupting HR - 

Digital Cultures: Age of the Intellect –

Leadership Disrupted – Digital Organizations –

Business of Staffing – A Talent Agenda with Kavita Shermon –

Psychometrics for Leadership – Time for Testing –

Competency-Based HRM – A Strategic Resource for Competency Mapping –

Assessments – 4 Week Activities Manual –

Knowledge Human Resources Management – Strategy Structure Perspective

Star Track 100 – A 21st Century Leadership Manual –

Hi Po Talent Competencies – Financial Services –

Gamification Competency Assessments – Life Sciences –

Digital Talent – Business Models and Competencies –

Sales Force Effectiveness – A Recruiter Trainer Magic – Jim Sanders &

Gamification Competencies – Life Sciences –

Gamification of Assessments – Financial Services –

Digital Talent – Competencies & Business Models –

Talent Mapping – Competency Based Workforce Planning –

Leadership Center – An Employee Experience –

Strategic Talent – A Recruitment Competency Handbook –

Talent Assessments – A Manual of Competency-Based Assessments –

Assessing Talent Pipeline – A Succession Pipeline –

Unlock Talent Leadership – ;

A Private Pilot & a recipient of the Award “500 Leaders of Influence in the 20th Century” from American Biographical Association, Washington DC, US, is listed in the World Directory of “International Who is Who of Professionals” & "Heritage Who is Who" USA. Also received the title “Lifetime Deputy Governor” of the ABI-USA, Research association as a member of the Board of Governors. Has a PGDM from XLRI, India and a  Ph. D in Organizational Theory & Structure - MSU/AMP MIT Sloan School of Management, Cambridge, MA.

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